How to Become a Contributing Author on The Source

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The Source is for the channel and about the channel.  It’s a place for valuable, engaging content to be shared.  It’s a place to have your voice heard. We are currently accepting posts from our reseller and vendor partners, as well as channel consultants.  In order to be considered, please submit the form below. To be selected as a contributor, you must be willing to commit to one post per month and be able to respond to any comments your posts receive within 48 hours.

ScanSource, Inc. reserves the right not to post a blog
if it doesn’t follow our 10 Golden Rules:

  1. Make the content original to The Source and valuable to your audience.
  2. Keep it interesting and engaging with a descriptive headline. You want people to read it, right?
  3. Have a point and close with an open-ended question.
  4. No blatant self-promotion.
  5. No personal attacks or attacks on other companies.
  6. No secret telling.
  7. Keep it clean.
  8. Keep it short, when possible – 2-3 paragraphs will usually do.
  9. Spelling counts.  Be open to edits – we won’t change content, but we may fix a typo or two.
  10. Fact check.  Please be sure what you are writing is factual.

We’re excited to have you become a part of The Source.  If you don’t want to author a blog, please become a regular visitor and take some time to comment on other blogs.  It’s a great way to share with our peers in the channel.  And who knows, we all just may learn something!

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