Barco’s Affordable and Worry-Free Video Walls

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oblxBig data is exploding and the need for large-scale visualization solutions that can accurately and reliably display complex information has never been greater. Of rising importance is the desire to collaborate quickly and effectively, so that all stakeholders can contribute to discussions to improve the speed and quality of decision-making.  This need to connect different, often far-reaching, worlds in real time brings a whole new dimension to the control room experience.

Barco is the leading provider of rear projection video wall cubes and networked rendering solutions for mission-critical environments like utilities, security, surveillance, and traffic management.  To address the need for distributed collaboration among organizations that have grown through mergers and acquisitions, we began investing significantly in the production of worry-free LCD video walls.

LCD – the affordable, worry-free solution
The OVD/KVD series provides an economical solution for the growing need to share the Common Operation Picture to more locations across the enterprise, and it allows smaller operations to also enjoy the benefits of video walls. Barco’s key differentiator is our long-term, consistently high image quality, which is enabled by our SenseX software that continuously measures the color and brightness levels of all displays, and makes adjustments when necessary.  Our redundant external power supply also ensures 24/7 worry-free operation – enabling easy serviceability. You can check out all the information on our LCD video walls here.

Focused on real-time collaboration
Barco employs a unique collaboration- and workflow-centric approach that leverages the power of our CMS control room management suite software to bring together a combination of sources and push perspectives to any computing device or display, including mobile devices. We are unique in the industry, the first to be able to do this. For example, if an operator at a utility discovers a crisis at a particular location via one of the many camera feeds appearing on the main display, he can quickly alert a supervisor who can send full perspectives of the images and data to another meeting room for review by additional stakeholders, while looping in technicians in the field via their mobile devices.  Voilá – seamless, real-time collaboration at its finest, fulfilling Barco’s vision of connecting worlds across the enterprise and around the globe!

Another great feature of our networking technology is the ability for after-action review. Our DVI encoding/decoding solutions can capture, record and play back activity from the display wall for use in debriefings. These scenarios can also be used as simulations to train new operators on proper responses to incidents. Only Barco has been able to make this functionality feasible, offering high performance at an affordable price point for most agencies.

Rear projection still a viable option
However, for large, traditional control rooms, our rear projection video walls may still be the best option, providing a “no-gap” canvas for viewing precise, accurate information. For crisis rooms, we recommend our seamless blended OSV walls, updated with higher brightness thanks to laser illumination and with a very unique multi-touch option, driven by a highly user-intuitive touch panel interface. Barco continues to lead the industry in superior image quality, high reliability, low-maintenance and long lifespan for our rear-projection “no gap” and “seamless” solutions.

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