Wendy Thacker

Wendy Thacker is a Merchandising Director at ScanSource Security. She has 20 years of experience In sales and marketing, 17 in distribution, and is a regular contributor to The Source on marketing, business planning and social media.

5 Reasons to Partner with ScanSource Security

by Wendy Thacker July 25, 2012 ScanSource Security

The People ScanSource Security differentiates itself with our people… We get asked from time to time what differentiates ScanSource Security from the rest of the channel.  It may sound cliché.  But, a big differentiator is our people.  When you call ScanSource Security you have a team of experts at your disposal.  You will get someone […]

Is the Business Card Dead?

by Wendy Thacker March 28, 2011 Business

Oh Mr. Darcy. I recently enjoyed watching Pride & Prejudice on television the other evening. I’m a sucker for a romantic period flick. Colin Firth’s Fitzwilliam Darcy always steals my heart as he tries to woo Elizabeth Bennet in his awkward, uncomfortable way. If you haven’t read the novel or seen the film, it’s definitely […]

10 Tips to Help Your Video Go Viral

by Wendy Thacker March 3, 2011 Business

Ah, I love Fridays. Not only is Friday the gateway day to the weekend, Friday is also magazine day. I love getting magazines in the mail and spending part of my weekend catching up on all the necessary news and such . Call me a periodicals junkie. I really don’t discriminate. I love the usual […]

5 Tips to Increase Marketing Effectiveness (The No Excuses Challenge)

by Wendy Thacker February 1, 2011 Business

How many of you have ever sat in a meeting and heard, we can’t do that? We don’t have the funds for that? We don’t have the manpower to make that happen? I’m sure most of us have been part of those meetings. I know I have. I’m here today to challenge each of you […]

Are Super Bowl Advertisers Changing Their Strategy?

by Wendy Thacker January 25, 2011 Business

Chips – check. Chili – check. Cold Beer – check. The Super Bowl is almost here and I’m ready. I’ll be honest, I’m not one of those “sporty” girls that loves watching everything outdoors. I’m a “girly” girl, I’ll take shopping, pedicures, and drinks with friends over a ball game most days. However, the Super […]

What’s New in 2011?

by Wendy Thacker January 18, 2011 Business

I took a trip to New York City for the holidays. This year, my best friend joined me for a girl’s trip – and let me tell you – we shopped until we dropped. We were out the hotel doors by 8:00 a.m. each day returning well after 10:00 p.m. We shopped at Rockefeller Center. […]

A Holiday Challenge for You

by Wendy Thacker December 22, 2010 Business

I will never forget the first time I delivered a “Secret Santa” gift to a table of strangers. I was in Winston-Salem, NC, the week before Christmas at the Cloverdale Diner – who by the way has the best fried squash with ranch on the side on Wednesdays. I was eating my lunch when I […]

4 Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back

by Wendy Thacker December 9, 2010 Business

We’ve had a stretch of freezing temps in the 30s lately. (I know I can hear some of you groaning that you’d love that “warm” weather where you live, but to any self-respecting Southerner – it’s just plain cold). I decided that hot bowl of soup and crusty bread was just the lunch I needed […]

Don’t Just Send a Holiday Card – Market All Year

by Wendy Thacker December 2, 2010 Business

I just got the obligatory holiday card from my insurance agent complete with the little calendar that at my age I cannot even read without glasses. Mind you, I only hear from this guy in December every year. And, it always just a card, never a call, never a hand written note, nothing. His secretary […]

What We Are Most Thankful For… A Thanksgiving Tribute to Marketing Innovations

by Wendy Thacker November 23, 2010 Business

This week we will sit around our dining room tables with family and friends to give thanks for our loved ones, to our health, to happiness, to prosperity and so on. I thought it would be fitting to ask co-workers to share marketing innovations and inventions they are most thankful for this holiday season. “I […]