Velda Goodin

Velda Goodin has 10+ years in Program Management with 6+ years at ScanSource as Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, developing and managing the ISV Source program in POSB and most recently the Team Lead for Application Management in ScanSource Service Group. Her mission: “Identify opportunities and pain-points then discover creative ways to utilize resources, connect-the-dots and make it happen!”

Consumer Devices Driving New Enterprise Opportunity

by Velda Goodin September 5, 2014 Technology

The landscape of providing Enterprise Solutions is certainly changing – maybe it’s really more a state of evolution. Until a few years ago, high-tech devices and solutions were reserved first for the Tier 1 community and, eventually, they would trickle down to Tier 2 and the SMB space. Today, consumer devices have changed the conversation. […]

Partnerships can take your business to a new level.

by Velda Goodin November 30, 2012 Business

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.”  Bill Gates When surveying our reseller partners, we discovered that 70% of our customers have realized incremental business through partnering and 56% have partnered with another VAR on a deal or business opportunity.  Do you see a trend?  We do! Partnerships allow resellers […]