Tony Sorrentino

Tony Sorrentino is the President at ScanSource Security. He has more than 10 years of value-added distribution experience and is a regular contributor to The Source on sales, customer engagement and marketing.

We’re More Than Just a Distributor – We’re Difference Makers

by Tony Sorrentino February 26, 2013 Business

When we started the ScanSource Security business unit eight years ago, we were confident that our world-class logistics, inventory and high level of customer service would play a critical role in our success in the security industry. As it turned out, what resonated most with dealers in the industry was our commitment to never sell […]

Tell Me About It: Do You Trust Your Business Partners?

by Tony Sorrentino February 15, 2011 Business

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the proud dad of two boys – ages seven and eight. My seven year old is typically a happy kid. However, he came home from school a few Fridays ago and appeared to be down in the dumps. My wife, always “in-tune” with the boys, expressed […]