Tom Walker

Tom Walker is a Business Development Manager for Catalyst Telecom, a value added distributor for Avaya, Juniper, Extreme Networks, and many others. Tom works with Integrators and Resellers to help them grow their business by leveraging the most reliable, secure and standards based convergence technologies.

Table Stakes

by Tom Walker May 11, 2011 ScanSource Catalyst

We all know that IP Telephony and Unified Communications are going to see a continued decline in margin. Depending on your views of acceptable profit margin, you might consider these table stakes. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of buzz in the marketplace about CEBP (Communication Enabled Business Processes) and everyone seems to agree this is where […]

Social Media and Alter Ego (aka Don’t be a blow-hard)

by Tom Walker April 22, 2011 Marketing
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Let’s face it, nobody wants to read on facebook about your whiz-bang technology. Think about it. How interested are you in reading on facebook or twitter, your insurance agent’s opinions on sufficient life insurance? Or your plumber’s new 24 hour rooter service? Chances are, your bloviations on cloud technology and WAN acceleration are equally dull […]

Cloudy With a Chance of Pain…

by Tom Walker April 18, 2011 ScanSource Catalyst
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Pain for whom? Pain for YOU if you aren’t paying attention to the Cloud. Friday, I wrote about the idea of using Google Apps to short-circuit Microsoft’s plan for inter-stellar domination in the UC space.  Today, my proposed strategy received a worthy retort by early signs that Microsoft just may be getting it right with […]

One Strategy, Nine Revenue Streams.

by Tom Walker April 14, 2011 ScanSource Catalyst

There’s a formidable competitor on the brink of making some hay in the UC space and I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with Bicrosoft. There’s no doubt that this company, with the majority of enterprises running Exchange, will leverage enduser ubiquity and deep pockets to steal marketshare with their “Lync” UC solution. Based on […]

Skippy was feeling insecure…

by Tom Walker March 4, 2011 ScanSource Catalyst

Video Killed the Radio Star

by Tom Walker March 1, 2011 ScanSource Catalyst

In this case, the “radio star” is your wireless network (hey, it’s a radio frequency isn’t it?) Take a look at the hot new technologies coming out in the collaboration space. We’re going to see a lot of action from companies like Avaya and Cisco and their latest tablet-based video collaboration. This will be the sizzle du […]

Who will be the future “Girl Talk” of UC?

by Tom Walker February 10, 2011 ScanSource Catalyst

One of my favorite music artists is a guy named Gregg Michael Gillis – you may know him better by the name “Girl Talk.” What’s that? You’ve never heard of him? Rolling Stone gave his 2008 album, “Feed the Animals” four stars while Blender magazine named it the second best album that same year.

The Social Media Torpedo is in the Water for VARs

by Tom Walker January 22, 2011 Marketing

Social Media WILL have an impact on your business. The question is: Which side of the torpedo are you on? Those that are putting serious, disciplined effort into facebook and twitter today WILL (if they haven’t already) see revenue directly resulting from social media. It’s not instant like say..firing a gun. The torpedo takes time to […]

If Captain Sully were an Avaya BP

by Tom Walker December 6, 2010 ScanSource Catalyst

Captain Sully is a national hero. Thanks to years of training and experience, he was cool enough under pressure to land an Airbus in the Hudson River like a pro. Of course, Sully has said many times he’s not a hero.. he was just doing his job and it was the training and experience that […]

The leads are weak?

by Tom Walker November 10, 2010 Marketing

What is a good lead? Ask a dozen VARs and you may get a dozen different answers. Many people will say that a good lead is a company who is looking to buy your solution. Another VAR would say a good lead simply meets the profile of someone who could buy your solution. In between, there’s […]