Tinsley Maness

Tinsley Maness is a Product Marketing Manager at ScanSource POS & Barcoding in Greenville, SC. She has over 5 years of experience in B2B marketing at ScanSource.

Making college campuses safer one RFID system at a time.

by Tinsley Maness May 13, 2011 RFID

If you watch the news, then you have most certainly heard of the security issues facing today’s college campuses.  In the wake of the shootings at the Virginia Tech campus, the leaders at Bob Jones University decided to implement an Intermec RFID system to make their campus more secure. As an added benefit to the security […]

Technology Making A Difference in Haiti

by Tinsley Maness December 10, 2010 AIDC

If you’ve been watching the news lately, the situation in Haiti has been hard to miss – from the devastating earthquake to most recently, a growing and deadly cholera outbreak. As other countries continue to gather and mobilize aid relief for Haiti, it begs the question, how can technology help streamline those relief efforts? I recently […]

Are you connected to your employees?

by Tinsley Maness March 16, 2010 Business

I recently blogged about social media tools as relationship builders, and the need to invest in relationships. This theory doesn’t just apply to your customers or your social network. Investing in relationships also applies to your network of employees. Online tools can help you connect within your organization in new ways. ScanSource created an employee […]

SXSW Day 4

by Tinsley Maness March 15, 2010 Business

In the Day 2 video recap, I touched on some recurring themes in the content presented at SXSW: transparency, honesty, trust, empowerment and privacy. These words dominate social media content saturating the web, but unlike the trendiest social technology of the moment, they are here to stay. MIT principal research scientist Andrew Mcafee said this […]

SXSW Day 1

by Tinsley Maness March 12, 2010 Business

@TinsleyLynch: Wow, what an experience SXSW has been so far! The streets of Austin are absolutely teeming with conference attendees identified by their bright yellow lanyards and orange ID badges. SXSW has taken over the Austin Conference Center and four surrounding hotels. Meaning every hallway, meeting space, lobby and street corner are filled with people […]

ScanSource @SXSW

by Tinsley Maness March 10, 2010 Business

What do the CEO of Twitter, a senior developer at Google and Quentin Tarantino all have in common? They’ll all be joining Aaron and myself later this week in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. Well, technically they will be joining thousands of other conference attendees too. If you haven’t heard of South by Southwest […]