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8 Technical Considerations When Upgrading Your Call Center Phone System

by The Source July 11, 2018 Business

This is an excerpt from the original blog written by Emily Arnold, Product Marketing Specialist for Digium. Permission has been granted by Digium. A link to the full blog has been provided below. Call Center organizations have discovered that substantial savings can be had when moving to a VoIP-based call center. However, there are other […]

Surviving in an iDevice World

by The Source March 20, 2013 Mobility

ScanSource, Inc. CTO, Greg Dixon, shares an informative presentation at the POS & Barcode breakout session at the 2012 ScanSource, Inc. Partner Conference.  The title of the presentation is “The New Mobility – Surviving in an iDevice World”.  Greg gives some interesting perspectives including a SWOT analysis and a few strategies that ScanSource partners can […]

Ride the Wave of the Future with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions TCxWave

by The Source March 14, 2013 POS

You may have heard that IBM Retail Store Solutions is now Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions – read more about that here.  There are a lot of things about Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions that are very reminiscent of IBM, including the personnel, the R&D, the SurePOS product set, the retail-hardened features of their products, etc., but […]

The Case for E911

by The Source March 14, 2013 Public Sector

Surely you have heard the buzz around E911.  After all, 17 states currently have E911 legislation requiring enterprises over a certain size, occupying multiple floors of a building, or those purchasing a new PBX to implement E911 to protect their employees and visitors.  If you are not offering this to your customers, someone else probably […]

Cisco Aironet 3600 Series Access Point: Need More Coverage?

by The Source March 13, 2013 Mobility

Did you know that the Cisco Aironet 3600 Series Access Point delivers up to three times more coverage versus the competition for tablets, smartphones, and high- performance laptops? Not only that, but it’s the industry’s only 4×4 MIMO access point and has three spatial streams delivering mission- critical reliability. Current solutions struggle to scale to […]

Sequestration and Government Spending in IT

by The Source March 1, 2013 Government

As a reseller, you may be asking yourself “with all of this sequestration talk, will the government have any money to spend on my products and services?”  As a distributor that prides itself in providing you with those products, we’ve been asking that question around here as well. Our friends at Onvia recently put on […]

Free E-rate Training

by The Source February 12, 2013 K-12

If my previous post introducing the E-rate program piqued your interest and you would like to know more about the program, I have good news.  The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) has announced the dates for their annual Service Provider Trainings. These classes are free to attend and really offer a great opportunity to learn […]

What are Common Core State Standards and Why Should I Care?

by The Source December 12, 2012 K-12

If you are tuned in to the K-12 education space, one of the biggest topics of discussion (along with BYOD) focuses on Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  The website defines the initiative as: “… a state-led effort coordinated by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief […]

E-rate: Is it for me?

by The Source December 11, 2012 K-12

It’s been said that the only thing that saves us from a bureaucracy is its inefficiency.   There are a sea of forms to fill out, multiple hoops to jump through, deadlines to meet, “I”s to be dotted and “T”s to be crossed.  But understanding how to clear those hurdles can give you a tremendous advantage […]

IBM Retail Store Solutions is now Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

by The Source August 13, 2012 POS
Thumbnail image for IBM Retail Store Solutions is now Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Back on April 17, 2012, Toshiba TEC acquired IBM Retail Store Solutions (IBM RSS).  IBM RSS consists of the retail point-of-sale solutions from IBM, including the SurePOS product line, AnyPlace Kiosk, Self Checkout and software.  Through the acquisition, Toshiba TEC and IBM RSS formed a new company called Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, and phase 1 […]