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Polycom HDX Setup Guide

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support July 12, 2012 ScanSource Communications
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Polycom HDX systems, by default, output in component format except the HDX 6000, which outputs in HDMI. Refer to the chart below to see other types of monitors the HDX will connect to. When powering on the unit for the first time, if not connected via component into a monitor there may be no picture […]

Upgrading Polycom SIP and BootROM Versions on IP Phones

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support July 8, 2012 ScanSource Communications

Note: PumpKIN is not software that is distributed or supported by Polycom or ScanSource Communications. It is simply a piece of open source software that we have found to work well for this process Note: In this how-to guide, we utilize TFTP to load the firmware onto Polycom IP Phones. Polycom IP phones can download […]

Polycom HDX: Updating your Software

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support July 2, 2012 ScanSource Communications

You might be asked for a key to upgrade your HDX software to version 3.0. Updating your software Download the most recent software for your Polycom HDX system. Unzip the file you downloaded. You’ll need it in a few minutes, so remember where you saved it. Open Internet Explorer and browse to the system’s network […]

Polycom HDX Upgrade Procedure

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support May 19, 2012 ScanSource Communications

Go to Go to Documents and Downloads Go to video Choose codec that update is needed for Go to Downloads Download the 3.0.4 software release to the PC Extract the file (with the .pup extension) to the PC/Laptop desktop From a PC where the .pup file is stored, logon to the web interface of […]

Polycom VBP E Series Reset Procedures

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support May 19, 2012 ScanSource Communications

In cases where the customer has an “E” series VBP / V2IU and cannot access the GUI to configure the box, please use the following procedure. Note: You will need a Null Modem cable and the license key to complete the recovery process. Attach a Null Modem cable to the Consoleport.  The port settings are […]

Polycom CMA Audit Usage Threshold Exceeded System Alert

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support May 7, 2012 ScanSource Communications

CMA 6.0.1 Patch 2 The default Audit log threshold on the CMA is 70% (1.4G of 2G), and the CMA will have the following alert when it reaches the threshold: The following CMA System Alert occurred on Monday, May 7, 2012 8:53:08 AM CDT Level:   INFO Type:    AuditUsageThresholdExceeded Message: The audit logs exceed the size […]

Polycom M100 Network Connectivity Test

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support March 19, 2012 ScanSource Communications

In certain cases there is a need to test connectivity, or verify functioning of a NIC card on a codec. In that case, setting up an M100 test can be helpful in verifying if the HDX is functioning correctly. Please go to and Download the M100 software to the laptop that will be used […]

Putting a Polycom Endpoint Behind a Firewall

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support March 12, 2012 ScanSource Communications

Step-by-Step Process: Putting a Polycom Endpoint Behind a Firewall 1. On the Firewall, open up (bi-directionally): VSX Series: TCP ports 1720, 3230-3239: UDP ports 3230-3269QDX Series: TCP ports 1720, 3230-3235: UDP ports 3230-3253 HDX Series: TCP ports 1720, 3230-3243: UDP ports 3230-3341 This port range, with the exception of 1720, varies by software version. Please […]

Using RealPresence Mobile While Connected to a Mobile WiFi Hotspot (MiFi)

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support February 23, 2012 ScanSource Communications

Note:  The solution was developed by a Technical Analyst at ScanSource Communications and was tested by a member of the Polycom Community, and, as such, is not necessarily supported by Polycom. Note: This solution was tested on the Verizon Wireless network.  However, Verizon Wireless does not officially support this solution. Note: ScanSource Communications Tech Services […]

Polycom EFK (Enhanced Feature Keys) Basics

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support February 1, 2012 ScanSource Communications

Note:  Polycom provides EFK as an as-is feature and therefore does not support it.  It is the position of ScanSource Communications to provide best-effort support for EFK. However, we cannot guarantee resolution for any issue regarding EFK. Note: This document covers basic EFK configuration techniques only. Note:  Detailed information regarding the tags and their attributes […]