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Providing Enterprise WIFI to the SMB Market: Aruba Networks Instant Access Points

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support March 14, 2013 ScanSource Communications

Contributed by Brian Waldrop, Technical Support Analyst at ScanSource Communications As a Technical Support Analyst at ScanSource Communications, I am often asked about a dilemma faced by many small- and medium-sized businesses:  a choice between cheap, consumer-grade Wi-Fi gear and feature-rich but costly high-end wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment.  I have talked to many SMBs who have […]

Polycom Group System First Time Set Up

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support February 7, 2013 ScanSource Communications

This is a step-by-step process with screen shots to use for reference. Before beginning this process, please ensure any desired peripherals are connected, including power, monitor connections, camera and HDCI cable, as well as microphone pod with Walta cable. Please note as well that the HDMI monitor output is auto sensing, and take a couple […]

Revolabs Conference Solution for ShoreTel

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support January 4, 2013 ScanSource Communications
Revolabs ShoreTel

Introduction Revolabs has a nice solution for ShoreTel Partners looking to deploy a medium-to-large conference room using wireless microphones.  Deploying this solution of products would remove the need to have a physical phone set in the room and adds the flexibility of putting microphones only where they are needed or spread out to cover all […]

New Features Available in ShoreTel 13

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support December 6, 2012 ScanSource Communications

With the recent launch of ShoreTel 13 and the upcoming general availability of ShoreTel 13.1, there are several changes which partners need to be aware of. Operating System and Environment changes ShoreTel 13 now supports Windows Server 2008 32-bit, SP2, Standard and Enterprise editions as well as 64-bit R2, SP1, Standard and Enterprise editions.  Windows […]

Bogen Overhead Paging with the ShoreTel IPBX system

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support December 5, 2012 ScanSource Communications
Bogen ShoreTel

Overhead Paging with the ShoreTel IPBX system The ShoreTel system can provide single-zone overhead paging for each site by using the audio output port on those ShoreTel voice switches that provide an audio output port. For sites that require overhead paging, you must designate one of the ShoreTel voice switches to provide paging. In addition, […]

Polycom HDX Series – Microphone (Clink2) Cable Pin-Out

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support November 26, 2012 ScanSource Communications

Problem: Client needs help with pin-out / wiring diagram for the Clink2 Crossover Cable to make their own version of p/n: (25 ft.) 2200-24009-001, (50 ft.) 2200-24008-001, (100 ft.) 2200-24010-001 Solution: To build a custom Conference Link2 cable, use shielded CAT5e or better, and terminate both end connectors (P1 and P2) with standard 8P8C plugs […]

Polycom HDX Series: Monitor is not showing video, but audio can be heard

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support November 22, 2012 ScanSource Communications

Problem: There is no video on the monitor, but sound can be heard. Solution: When powering on the unit for the first time, if not connected via component into a monitor there may be no picture visible. To correct this, the HDX video output must be changed. To change the video output without being able […]

Polycom HDX – IR & Remote Control Problems

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support November 21, 2012 ScanSource Communications

Problem: Remote control does not work, remote will not control codec, need to change remote control channel Solution: First, test to verify codec is receiving IR signal from remote Press the Home button on the remote control to see if the power light on the front of the codec flickers in response to the button. […]

Polycom HDX Multipoint Display Options

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support October 15, 2012 ScanSource Communications

Many organizations see a growing need to utilize the multi-point capabilities of the HDX series but often find the use of it a bit daunting. To make it easier to understand exactly what a person would see with different multi-point options and how to make that selection, we have copied information from the Administrator’s Guide […]

Polycom RSS4000 Rescue Instructions

by ScanSource Communications Tech Support July 18, 2012 ScanSource Communications

1. Rescue Account Password for RSS4000 During the RSS4000 recovery mode, the user will be prompted to enter the “Rescue Account Password” before they are allowed to upload the packages back into the RSS4000. To enter into the rescue menu, enter the password: “SUPPORT” 2. Once you get the System Recovery Mode screen below, select […]