Dirty or damaged barcodes? The Honeywell Voyager 1200g can help!

by Sara Schultz March 21, 2011 AIDC

We have all experienced the frustration of waiting in a check-out line while the cashier tries repeatedly to scan a poor quality or damaged barcode. Finally the barcode is read … or manually typed into the system … and the line moves forward. There are 2 major business problems created by poor quality or damaged […]

Develop Applications on Honeywell’s TotalFreedom Platform to Capture More Value

by Sara Schultz December 17, 2010 AIDC

You know the customers that you serve better than anyone else.  Differentiate by providing your end users with scanning solutions that have been optimized to meet their unique needs.  An open-system architecture offers unlimited possibilities for easily enhancing the functionality of a scanner by allowing third-party developers to create applications that reside directly on select […]