Nick Miller

Nick Miller is a Product Manager at ScanSource Security in Greenville, SC. He has 4 years of experience in physical security and is a regular contributor to The Source on products, solutions, and the value of distribution.

Business Builders: Custom Configuration Center

by Nick Miller September 10, 2013 Business

ScanSource has many things that set it apart from other distributors.  We do not think of you—the dealer and integrator community—as only our customers, but also our partners.  As business partners, it benefits everyone for you to grow and become more efficient.  Business Builders is a series of web seminars that focus on some of […]

Product Highlight – Milestone XProtect Smart Client

by Nick Miller May 17, 2013 ScanSource Security

Andrew Bougie from the ScanSource Security System Design Team gives you a quick highlight of Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client.  The XProtect Smart Client is the viewer (or user interface) for accessing all flavors of Milestone’s XProtect VMS (video management software).  Andrew highlights some of the many features, including digital zoom and mapping functions. 

Product Highlight – ExacqVision Pro VMS

by Nick Miller May 16, 2013 ScanSource Security

Carl Smith from the ScanSource Security System Design Team gives you a quick highlight of ExacqVision Pro VMS (video management software) in this video. Many security dealers and integrators have expressed to me their fondness for using Exacq in their installations.  They’ve noted the ease of installing and using the product and its flexibility to […]

March Networks GURU: Tech Support in the Palm of Your Hand

by Nick Miller November 14, 2012 IP Security
Thumbnail image for March Networks GURU: Tech Support in the Palm of Your Hand

This post was contributed by Ru Wadasinghe, March Networks Vice President, Professional Services. Working day to day, we all feel the pressure to get the job done so we can move on to the next. We constantly strive to work harder, smarter and – above all – faster, without sacrificing quality. Often it’s the simplest […]

5 reasons for VARs to buy enterprise security products from ScanSource Security

by Nick Miller June 8, 2011 ScanSource Security

The other day, I dusted off my charcoal grill to grill out for the first time this year.  A little clarification for any readers north of the Mason-Dixon Line, yes, I was grilling out, not “barbequing.”  Barbeque is a noun, not a verb…I digress.  I couldn’t seem to find my lighter fluid.  Quickly, I attempted […]

Look at the Sales Cycle from Your Customer’s Perspective

by Nick Miller March 8, 2011 Business

A-B-C. A – Always, B – Be, C – Cycling….wait, what? I was at a seminar recently that was about writing blogs to promote your business. There were a lot of interesting takeaways, but one thing really stood out. They talked about the sales cycle, the full sales cycle, from the customer’s point of view. […]

Are You In? 4 Reasons I Have Come to Know and Love LinkedIn

by Nick Miller December 20, 2010 Business

Ever changed jobs and realized all your contacts were stored on your company’s server? Ever changed email or physical addresses or phone numbers and found it very cumbersome to get that new info to all your contacts? Several services in the past have tried to make this easier for you. You may have heard about […]