Marty Bullen

Marty Bullen, the ScanSource Services Group Education Manager, has over ten years of experience helping resellers with Vendor Certifications. She is the ‘Go To’ contributor at The Source for all Education & Training Certifications.

Why Avaya IP Office Virtual Classes?

by Marty Bullen July 12, 2013 ScanSource Catalyst

Our Virtual Classroom IP Office Avaya Training provides interactive, instructor-led training that delivers the content you need to obtain your Avaya Certifications (AIPS and ACSS). Why Virtual Classroom? Continuous student interaction – Small class size Each student involved in the class and lab experiences No travel expense

Eatin’ Squirrel

by Marty Bullen April 2, 2013 ScanSource Services Group

“Eatin’ squirrel brains is where ya get your smarts” – Miss Kay Robertson I love Duck Dynasty, the Robertson family and banana pudding, but the quote above from Miss Kay stopped me in my tracks. Luckily for our Avaya Business Partners, the award-winning ScanSource Services Group (Catalyst Telecom) Education and Training team is an Avaya […]

One virtual step for man…

by Marty Bullen January 3, 2013 ScanSource Catalyst

Virtual education is an advance that has grown tremendously. We use it at ScanSource to train employees. Kids take online classes for high school. Some of our vendors offer online training options. But ask 100 people and you can get 100 different answers on what virtual education is. One definition in Wikipedia said, “Virtual education […]

Get Ready to Be Inspired…

by Marty Bullen October 24, 2012 ScanSource Catalyst
AvayaThumbnail image for Get Ready to Be Inspired…

“The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward It’s good to remind yourself what the key elements are to being successful. In my world of helping to educate and train technology resellers, the words of William Arthur Ward say it best. Especially when I think about […]

Expiring Avaya SME Certifications

by Marty Bullen September 7, 2012 ScanSource Catalyst

Do you know if you are one of the 1700 people that have an Avaya ACIS/ SME Certification that is going to expire on Sept. 30, 2012?  One way to keep your Certification current is to attend the R8 Avaya IP Office Implementation Workshop (Boot Camp) – Course 4S00004I.  You attend one of the classes […]