Kyle DeWitt

Kyle DeWitt is the Director of Technical Services for ScanSource’s NA Communications segment, based in Greenville, SC. He has over 10 years of experience in distribution for converged products and is a regular contributor to The Source on unified communications, and various technology discussions.

ShoreTel QIC Tool: Including Support Comparisons

by Kyle DeWitt May 24, 2013 ScanSource Communications

A new feature in ScanSource Communications’ Quoting, Implementation and Configuration (QIC) tool version 13 allows ShoreTel Partners to include multiple service contracts on one quote to their customers.  Partners can now offer their customers service options without regenerating the quote multiple times.  This post is designed to guide a QIC user through the process.

ShoreTel QIC: Using Labor Calculator

by Kyle DeWitt May 24, 2013 ScanSource Communications

Beginning in version 13, a Labor Calculator worksheet was available to ShoreTel Partners in ScanSource Communications’ Quoting, Implementation and Configuration (QIC) tool.  This worksheet was provided to allow Partners to create product and services quotes, which include their own installation services in a single tool.  The information below describes the usage of the Labor Calculator.

ShoreTel QIC Tool: Release Notes for QIC 13.0

by Kyle DeWitt May 24, 2013 ScanSource Communications

ScanSource Communications is excited to announce several new features to our Quoting, Implementation and Configuration (QIC) tool.  Launched in May 2013, QIC Version 13 has been enhanced to include three new abilities that allow users to create a Partner price list, provide multiple support contract options on a single quote and calculate a Partner’s labor […]

ShoreTel QIC Tool: Working with QIC.ini

by Kyle DeWitt April 17, 2013 ScanSource Communications

As the developers of the QIC tool, ScanSource Communications receives various requests from our ShoreTel partners to add features or functionality that will help improve their quoting process.  On many occasions, these are requests to help automate an action that the user performs on every quote, or to alter the base functionality of QIC in […]

ShoreTel QIC Tool: Adding a logo to your quote

by Kyle DeWitt April 3, 2013 ScanSource Communications

With the release of QIC version 12.0, ShoreTel partners have two options for loading their company’s logo to the quotes they create in QIC.  Users have the options of selecting an image during the quote process or to have QIC automatically add the image on every quote.  This article explains how to use both options. […]

ShoreTel QIC Tool: Using the Switch Configuration Tool

by Kyle DeWitt February 8, 2013 ScanSource Communications

In meeting the goal of providing our Partners with a tool to Quote, Implement and Configure a complete ShoreTel solution, ScanSource Communications has created a QIC Switch Configuration Tool.  This tool, located on the “Configuration Tool” worksheet in QIC, provides recommendations on the most cost-effective combination of ShoreGear Voice Switches needed to meet the customer’s […]

ShoreTel QIC Tool: Creating a Budgetary Quote

by Kyle DeWitt February 7, 2013 ScanSource Communications

The ShoreTel QIC Tool is purpose-built to allow ShoreTel partners to create a full solution quote, but often a budgetary quote based on a small number of details is all that is needed.  By taking advantage of the Switch Configuration Tool and the Helper Headers found on the Quote Tool sheet, the user can quickly […]

ShoreTel QIC Tool: Release Notes for QIC 12.0

by Kyle DeWitt January 7, 2013 ScanSource Communications

The new year brings new functionality to QIC.  With Version 12.0 and later the following features have been changed or added: Promotions – FYQ3 2013 A 15% concession-based discount for most ShoreTel phones is available to all new customers. The Phone Promo is enabled via a checkbox on the Quote Tool sheet and is automatically […]

Effects of Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD)

by Kyle DeWitt November 29, 2012 Mobility

One of the more popular topics of discussion in Information Technology this year has been Mobility.  The economy has forced companies to cut costs, and corporate decision makers now have an even larger focus on finding ways to improve the efficiency of their employees.  Everyone wants to do more with less.  This is manifesting itself […]

The Impact of Skype and Google+ on Enterprise Video Conferencing

by Kyle DeWitt July 26, 2011 ScanSource Communications

In a recent conversation about Video Tele Conferencing (“VTC”) options, the questions were posed to me, “What do you think about Google+?  Do you think it will affect sales of video conferencing equipment?” Having worked with the Polycom personal and room video conferencing systems now for a few years, I have felt comfortable comparing the […]