Kristin Gaboriault

Kristin Gaboriault is a Strategic Marketing Manager for ScanSource in Greenville, SC. Kristin has over 16 years of B2B marketing experience in distribution and is a contributor to The Source on marketing related topics.

Marketing with LinkedIn

by Kristin Gaboriault February 27, 2018 Business

Why You Should Market with LinkedIn While it seems as if the whole world has embraced social media, businesses are still working to figure out how to best utilize it in order to effectively convey their brand messaging. For the B2B world, LinkedIn stands head-and-shoulders above the rest in terms of generating leads and business […]

Complete Your UC Offering with Professional Headsets

by Kristin Gaboriault February 26, 2018 Unified Communications

There are three big reasons why you should be attaching headsets to your UC solutions, and they’re the reasons you should do anything in this business: your customers need them, your customers want them, and they add significantly to your bottom line. Today’s open offices paired with the growing trends of working from home/on the […]

When It Comes to Marketing: Don’t Miss the Obvious

by Kristin Gaboriault September 11, 2012 Business

I recently ran across an article about the fast decline of the yellow pages. There’s no arguing the fact that technology is literally killing off industries now seen as “old school” by Generations Y and Z. We can search anywhere, anytime and the internet has empowered us with the ability to choose from endless options. […]