Ken Campbell

Ken Campbell has worn several different hats since he started with ScanSource Tech Services in July 2000. Currently his primary responsibility is creating educational materials and providing training for ScanSource resellers.

Connecting the Honeywell Granit to the Honeywell Thor VM2

by Ken Campbell August 14, 2014 Technology

Here is a PDF our Scanner Team created.  It details connecting the Honeywell Granit 1911i cordless barcode scanner to the Honeywell Thor VM2 (Vehicle Mount Terminal) using Bluetooth.   Download PDF

Healthcare Connect on the Road

by Ken Campbell June 30, 2014 Healthcare
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Smart VAR Healthcare Summit Healthcare is the fastest-growing vertical in the channel, but also a notoriously difficult vertical to break into.  While opportunities abound, healthcare has its own set of challenges.  ScanSource Healthcare Connect was created to provide the tools and resources our reseller partners need to overcome these challenges and take advantage of all […]

Need to create GHS labels? ScanSource can help.

by Ken Campbell March 20, 2014 AIDC
Epson SeagullScientific

GHS (Globally Harmonized System), created by the United Nations, is designed to standardize the classification and labeling of chemicals worldwide.  While most countries have a regulatory system in place for the handling and transportation of chemicals, historically there has been a lack of consistency on how these regulations were implemented.  GHS is designed to bring […]

Walmart Mandates PTI Compliance

by Ken Campbell January 1, 2014 AIDC

Produce Tractability Initiative (PTI) came about as a response to the 2006 spinach crisis, an event that sickened hundreds, lead to the death of four people, and resulted in a complete recall of spinach products across the nation — a huge toll from both a human and economic standpoint.  Another scare in 2008 with tainted jalapenos just […]

What’s New with the Zebra QLn Mobile Label Printer

by Ken Campbell March 26, 2013 ScanSource POS & Barcode

It’s a mobile world we live in, with developments taking place almost daily.  This is not only true with mobile computers but also the peripherals that accompany them as well.  This video details advancements in Zebra’s new generation flagship mobile label printer, the QLn.  It’s lighter, with an advanced smart battery, and remote management capabilities.  […]

Need a Mobile Thermal Transfer Label Printer? Look No Further…

by Ken Campbell March 26, 2013 Barcode Printing

Need durable labels that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments?  Need to print those labels in the actual conditions where they’ll need to live?  Then the Zebra P4T and RP4T Thermal Transfer Mobile printer is for you.  It brings all the advantages of Thermal Transfer label printing and makes it mobile.

Increase Efficiency with Mobile Computers at the Right Price

by Ken Campbell September 18, 2012 Mobility

Nielson estimated early in 2012 that 50.4% of mobile phone users have smart phones of one kind or another. In this day and age where every end user carries a powerful mobile computer with them at all times, it can lead customers, especially new customers who are just now moving from pen and paper to […]

Consumerization of Rugged IT

by Ken Campbell March 19, 2012 AIDC

Updated 2/01/2013: I wrote this article nearly a year ago, and if anything it is even more relevant in 2013 than 2012. Resellers are even more empowered now to provide solutions that complement or compete with consumer devices in the enterprise.  Top selling vendors, such as Honeywell, Epson and Zebra, and many others, are all […]