Jimmi Leigh Griffin

Jimmi Leigh Griffin is a Project Marketing Manager at ScanSource, Inc. in Greenville, SC. She has over 3 years of experience in marketing and is a regular contributor to The Source on marketing strategies and corporate event planning.

Polycom Video Collaboration Lets North Carolina Central University School of Law Expand Reach

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin September 13, 2013 K-12

North Carolina Central University’s School of Law is putting Polycom’s video collaboration solutions to work!  NCCU is using Polycom’s RealPresence video collaboration solutions to offer 10 (and counting!) virtual courses for students pursuing law degrees, as well as undergraduate students.   Plus, they have installed video solutions at over 20 locations throughout the state that allow […]

Polycom is bringing video to… well, everyone.

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin July 9, 2013 ScanSource Communications

Think video conferencing is a thing of the future?  Think again!  Some statistics show that telenetworking has increased 73% since 2005 (Source: “Latest Telecommuting Statistics”, Global Workplace Analytics).  Think about the days when it was a luxury to have the “phone in a box” in your passenger seat.  Not too long ago, right?  Of course, […]

Break into the government market with Motorola Solutions and ScanSource

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin August 25, 2011 Government

Right now is a great time to break into the government market, but it can be challenging if you’ve never sold into this space before.  Motorola Solutions and ScanSource have plenty of tools to help you get started.  Below are some great resources to help answer your questions about selling to government agencies or to […]

Motorola’s Healthcare Industry Presentation and Cinco de Mayo Floor Day

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin May 23, 2011 AIDC
Thumbnail image for Motorola’s Healthcare Industry Presentation and Cinco de Mayo Floor Day

Motorola’s Cinco de Mayo floor day was a full and exciting event filled with healthcare training, prizes, lots of wonderful food, a healthcare demo lab, ice cream truck, and so much more! Come watch all the fun! If your RSS reader or email program does not show the video, watch it on youtube here: Motorola’s […]

Motorola ES400: Built to withstand LOTS of Wear and Tear

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin April 27, 2011 Mobility
Thumbnail image for Motorola ES400: Built to withstand LOTS of Wear and Tear

The ScanSource Motorola Team tests the ES400 against other smartphones.

Take advantage of NFC (Near Field Communication) based technology with Motorola’s new MC75A HF

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin April 7, 2011 Mobility

NFC-based technology has already taken off in European markets from event ticketing to public transportation to ID verification, and now Motorola is brining this technology to the US.  Introducing the MC75A HF- Motorola’s first RFID integrated 3G connected mobile computer. You may be asking, what the heck is NFC technology and how is this going […]

Motorola Wireless Solutions: the “backbone” of your healthcare facilities mobility solution

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin April 7, 2011 Healthcare

Have you ever been to the doctor with random aches and pains, headaches and the like and been sent promptly to the chiropractor?  Well, as unrelated as it may seem, if you don’t properly care for your spine it can cause a host of other (seemingly unrelated) health issues. The same theory applies to taking […]

Motorola’s AP6511 provides a reliable and affordable wi-fi option for hotels of all sizes.

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin February 11, 2011 Mobility

These days, travelers expect to have a wireless connection in their room as much as they expect to have clean bath towels. Business travelers live by email, and need access to the internet to stay connected to the home office. Those traveling for pleasure expect to have access to the internet in their hotel room […]

I’m a Hacker: 3 Tools for Workplace Productivity

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin February 9, 2011 Business

I’m a hacker. And before those of you who know me say “yeah, right”, hear me out. I’ve been reading the book Hacking Work by Bill Jensen and Josh Klein, and, according to these guys, anyone who finds a way to get their work done better, faster or easier by using only the tools and […]

Upgrading to 2D Imagers at the Point of Sale helps retailers take advantage of the mobile coupon trend

by Jimmi Leigh Griffin February 2, 2011 POS

We’ve all done it- you sit down with the Sunday newspaper to clip coupons to save a buck or two on your grocery bill.  But with more and more consumers utilizing mobile barcoding Smartphone apps, this Sunday afternoon practice may soon fall by the wayside.  Apps such as CardStar (www.mycardstar.com) allow consumers to access coupons […]