Jake Shehan

Jake Shehan is a Merchandising Team Leader in the Security Business Unit of ScanSource Inc. He has over 8 years’ experience in channel sales mostly with the network video and WLAN segments of the market.

ScanSource Net90 E-Rate Program

by Jake Shehan May 2, 2016 Business

ScanSource, Inc. E-Rate Promotional Financing Offer To help our customers secure as many E-Rate opportunities as possible while optimizing their cash flow, ScanSource is offering 90-day credit terms on E-Rate orders to approved customers.

FCC Approves E-Rate Plan to Inject $2 Billion into WiFi for Schools and Libraries

by Jake Shehan August 26, 2014 K-12

Even when some WiFi support was available in previous years, it reached just 5% of schools and 1% of libraries across the country; recent legislature has greatly increased the funding and the opportunity to sell more WiFi products into this already-successful vertical. On July 11, the FCC voted to approve FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s revised […]

Ruckus Brings Together Smart Wi-Fi with Cloud Computing to Simplify the Provisioning, Management and Monetization of Wi-Fi Access with SAMS

by Jake Shehan May 6, 2014 Cloud Computing

The Ruckus Team at ScanSource is really excited about the introduction of Ruckus’ Cloud-Based Smart Access Management Service, SAMS for short. The ability to manage a Wi-Fi network in the cloud is yesterday’s news. Unlike the dozens of other offerings already in the market, SAMS enables partners to manage and monetize the access points they […]

Under The Hood Of An Enterprise Access Point

by Jake Shehan February 13, 2014 Networking

When looking at an enterprise-level access point typically you do not see much difference from one manufacturer to another on the surface. They usually have a plastic casing and typically are in a rectangular shape and come in some shade of off-white. You have some with external antennas and some with internal and they all […]

Where’s the Ruckus?

by Jake Shehan August 9, 2013 Enterprise

Below is a synopsis of the last blog post on the Ruckusroom.net. If you wish to read the full version, use the link at the bottom of this post. For years Gartner has been publishing a standalone enterprise wireless LAN magic quadrant. But in 2012, they made a fundamental change. They have decided to combine both […]

What is Hotspot 2.0?

by Jake Shehan June 5, 2013 Mobility

Hotspot 2.0 (HS2.0) has been a work in process by the Wi-Fi community for better than half a decade. The goal for Hotspot 2.0 is to make the process of Wi-Fi roaming as easy to use and secure as a cellular connection. As you can probably guess, carriers are excited by the prospect of Hotspot 2.0 […]

How-To Guide to Upgrading a Ruckus 1100 Series ZoneDirector

by Jake Shehan May 29, 2013 Mobility

Historically, the Ruckus Wireless 1100 Series Zone Directors  (Controllers) came in (4) flavors to choose from, managing 6, 12, 25, or 50 access points. It was a very easy solution that partners could scale up their systems up to 50 managed access points with license upgrades. Recently our friends at Ruckus have made some changes […]

It’s time your video surveillance was as smart and easy as your other tech gadgets, don’t you think?

by Jake Shehan April 8, 2013 Business

With all of the advancements in the network video market over the past several years, our friends at Axis Communications continue to push the envelope as the market continues to migrate from analog to network-based solutions. In the spring of 2012, they released Axis Camera Companion, and in just a years’ time they have had […]

Ruckus has an App for that, actually they have five.

by Jake Shehan February 8, 2013 Business

Ruckus Wireless has been making some noise in the channel over the past few months with so many announcements it has been hard to keep up. From going Public in November, to winning countless awards, and the endless releases of new products and feature sets. Some of the coolest announcements have been lost in the […]

Wi-Fi Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Showers

by Jake Shehan January 8, 2013 Cloud Computing

Contributed by: Marcus Burton, Technical Marketing, Ruckus Wireless Wireless architectures are undergoing an identity crisis. As Wi-Fi gains favor and usurps wired access, Wi-Fi capabilities are changing quickly, causing significant disparity in WLAN architectures and implementation models.