George Brown

George Brown has a degree in computer science and has done program development for 30+ years. He has been with Intermec as a Systems Engineer since August, 2004. He currently supports the ScanSource Intermec team.

Honeywell Dolphin 70e Black

by George Brown March 26, 2014 AIDC

The Dolphin 70e Black successfully combines the size, stylish form factor and optimal communication of consumer-grade devices with the durability, integrated scanning and long life cycle of traditional rugged mobile computers. For more information, visit

Harness the Power of Smart Printing with Intermec by Honeywell

by George Brown February 5, 2014 AIDC

Intermec Smart Printers can run programs right inside the printer, so you can create simple labeling applications that dramatically increase worker speed and accuracy. In this video, see how a fruit producer has created a simple application for printing produce labels using an Intermec by Honeywell PM Series mid-range industrial printer, taking full advantage of […]

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

by George Brown December 20, 2013 AIDC

Not if you use an Intermec by Honeywell scanner designed for Healthcare applications. Both the new Intermec SF61B bluetooth and the SR31T tethered scanners are available in a healthcare configuration.  These scanners use a 2D area imager with an LED aimer so there is no laser light emitted that could potentially “shoot your eye out.” […]

Voilà! Intermec Scanners Easily Pair with Apple and Android Devices!

by George Brown October 18, 2013 AIDC

Intermec by Honeywell bluetooth scanners equipped with the latest firmware can easily be paired with Apple and Android tablets, phones, etc.  Moreover, the firmware allows the user to control the iOS on-screen keypad with the click of a button! Watch the Video

Uncompromising Versatility – The Intermec Flex Dock

by George Brown September 25, 2013 AIDC

The Intermec Flex Dock is an innovative solution for charging all of your Intermec products from portable printers to handheld computers and batteries. Communication options are available with the FlexDock, too!  Watch this YouTube video to see the versatility of the Intermec Flex Dock product.

Changing the Command Language on an Intermec PC Series Printer

by George Brown September 19, 2013 ScanSource POS & Barcode

The Intermec PC series printers support several command languages, such as IPL or Direct Protocol. Changing the language on an LCD model printer is very easy to do.  Did you also know that it is easy to change the command language on an “Icon” version of the PC series printer, too?  This YouTube video shows […]