Eric Carter

Eric Carter is the Data Center Practice Manager for Catalyst Telecom in Greenville, SC. Eric has eight years experience in technology including unified communications, data center, networking, and cloud computing. He is a contributor to The Source on data center, cloud computing, unified communications, networking, and emerging technologies

What is the DDI Market and How does Infoblox Lead? Part 3: IPAM

by Eric Carter November 21, 2012 Data Center

Any device connected to a network maintains a unique numerical label (IP Address). The increasingly difficult task to plan, track, and manage the ever-increasing number of IP addresses on a network embodies the field of IP Address Management (IPAM). From simple conversations to financial transactions, IP networks underlie most modern business transactions.

What is the DDI Market and How does Infoblox Lead? Part 2: DNS

by Eric Carter November 19, 2012 Data Center

Domain Name System (DNS) enables internet-connected devices to transfer information around a network or access a domain. Without DNS, domain names (,, etc.) lack meaning, and attempting to reach a site by using its name would prove a useless endeavor. DNS serves as a Dewey Decimal System for the internet.

What is the DDI Market and How does Infoblox Lead? Part 1: DHCP

by Eric Carter November 16, 2012 Data Center

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is the configuration protocol that enables all network devices to communicate over an IP network. Network management devices utilize DHCP to acquire specific information before a device can communicate on the network. If the network was a football game, DHCP would be the ticket to the football game.

Extreme Networks’ BDX8 Certified as “Vblock Ready”

by Eric Carter October 26, 2012 Data Center
Thumbnail image for Extreme Networks’ BDX8 Certified as “Vblock Ready”

Extreme Networks recently announced its BlackDiamond X8 is now certified by VCE as “Vblock Ready.” Vblock sits as the leading converged infrastructure among data center solutions, and Extreme stands to benefit from Vblock’s existing and future installs. Specifically, The BlackDiamond X8 serves to cluster multiple Vblocks and enable sub-second failover should one block fail, or […]

Expand IP Office 8.1 Sales with Free Jabra Headsets

by Eric Carter September 21, 2012 ScanSource Catalyst
Thumbnail image for Expand IP Office 8.1 Sales with Free Jabra Headsets

Jabra has announced two promotions to expand IP Office 8.1 sales with industry leading Jabra headsets and speakerphones. The first promotion offers up to five free Jabra devices with new IP Office 8.1 installations. Register your latest IP Office 8.1 sale and get expert advice from Jabra regarding the appropriate product selection for your install. […]