AIDC Trends Research from the Aberdeen Group

by Christy Thompson December 17, 2010 AIDC

Your customers are on the move. Do you want to find out where they are going? I just had a chance to preview some research about AIDC trends and how retailers are extending their traditional POS systems from transaction based devices to dynamic, personalized customer touch points. This data, provided by the Aberdeen Group a […]

Join ScanSource at AIM Expo 2010, Nov 1-3 in Chicago

by Christy Thompson October 27, 2010 Business

Chicago. Grain maker. Stacker of wheat. Presenter of Auto ID and Mobile IT knowledge. City of the big shoulders. Although the calendar is ticking, there is still time to register and attend AIM Expo 2010, the Auto ID and Mobile IT Industry’s premier event. They have announced a remarkable list of faculty members that includes […]

AppSource and Merchant Services and SUMO, oh my!

by Christy Thompson October 1, 2010 Business

We’re all abuzz with excitement over the new programs and services ScanSource has recently announced. But it’s a lot to keep track of. So consider this your pocket guide for keeping up with the latest innovative tools that can help you grow and strengthen your business. AppSource An innovative web store that gives you convenient […]

Looking for ways to extend your reach?

by Christy Thompson June 7, 2010 Business

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging… No doubt these words have become part of your every day lexicon. Or perhaps the mere thought of social media makes your head spin. Regardless of your relationship with social media, it’s here to stay. And if it isn’t currently a part of your business communications strategy, it needs to be. […]

Customers have transitioned from the hunted to the hunter

by Christy Thompson June 2, 2010 Business

No doubt, you are looking for ways to drive revenue, improve productivity and cut costs. And thanks to social media, you can expand your ecosystem and find new customers. Look for communications tools that help you cast a wide net to gain valuable information from your current customers and prospects. You can use that direct […]

Want to enhance your value proposition?

by Christy Thompson May 5, 2010 Business

Social media can help. Once you can clearly articulate the benefit you bring to your customers, you can use social media to get the word out. Communicate your message on your Facebook Fan page, Tweet about your most recent promotions and product offerings, or blog about goings-on in your industry. (If you are looking for […]

Is Social Media Changing Marketing? Or the People we Market to?

by Christy Thompson April 28, 2010 Business

These days I am intrigued by anyone who is willing to stand up and express what is seemingly an unpopular opinion. We’ve all been there….In the midst of a heated strategy session where everyone seems to finally be moving in the same direction and then all of sudden, someone wants to play

Searching for a Way to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking?

by Christy Thompson March 21, 2010 Business

If you are like me, you are probably overwhelmed with all of the opinions, statistics, and potential SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics out there. The Google algorithim is made up of over 150 factors that can impact your websites ability to rank. This creates and environment where on-line marketers are always chasing those ever changing […]

My Top 10 Web Organization Tools

by Christy Thompson March 12, 2010 Business Great place to start your research. Just type in a search term and watch. ScanSource Community Connect with industry contacts and browse the educational content HootSuite Great for managing multiple twitter accounts. Helps you RT, D, Search and more…all from one place. Mashable The answers to most of your Social Media questions reside here. […]

Using a Link Badge can Help Improve your Search Rankings

by Christy Thompson March 3, 2010 Business

An integral aspect of SEO is building relevant and quality links from other websites. A link can be thought of as a vote for your website. The more votes a website has (from other sites, especially those that are similar in topic), the greater trust Google and other search engines place in that site. Therefore, […]