Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams is the ScanSource Services Group Marketing Team Leader in Greenville, SC. She has 7 years of experience in strategic marketing planning on behalf of vendors and partners, specializing in events, lead generation and e-marketing. Amanda is a regular contributor to The Source on marketing best practices.

The Struggle Is Real – hiring vs. outsourcing vs. DIY marketing

by Amanda Williams March 23, 2015 Marketing

Word-of-mouth has gotten your business this far, but you’ve come to a point where you want to take your business to the next level and that requires marketing. But you are a small business, and the thought of additional costs is stressful. Should you hire a Marketing Manager and risk the overhead? Should you outsource […]

10 Statistics That Can Help You Increase Your Email Marketing

by Amanda Williams September 16, 2014 Business

Many people think of email blasts as a quick and cheap method of getting their message out and driving leads, but the reality is that email blasts need just as much thought and time put into them as any other marketing vehicle. And that includes researching and understanding your audience. While there is no one […]

April 2014 Discounts from ScanSource Services Group

by Amanda Williams April 1, 2014 Business
Avaya GreenCloud Polycom ShoreTel

ScanSource Services Group is FUELING your business with exclusive discounts to help you MAXIMIZE your business this year!  Check back each month for new discounts.  Read about the April discounts below: CLOUD SERVICES Get an extra 2% discount when you sign a new Green Cloud deal through ScanSource Services Group!  Green Cloud Technologies is a […]

Have you moved your cheese lately?

by Amanda Williams November 6, 2013 Business
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Customers are commonly sharing concerns with me that they are finding their email blasts to be ineffective lately, and they want to give up on marketing.  My response?  “Move Your Cheese!”  That’s right.  I’m referring to “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, a book about shaping your perspectives so that you can deal with […]

Are You Mobile Marketing Ready?

by Amanda Williams August 19, 2013 Business
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Growing up, I always thought that computers would one day take over the world.  I just didn’t realize they’d be so… small!  With mobile devices being the hottest trend, there’s no avoiding the wave of mobility.  I’m sure you have noticed the impact that it’s having on your business and even in your home.  Chances […]

Brand360°™ Campaigns

by Amanda Williams July 18, 2013 Business

Chances are that your business falls into one of the following scenarios: Marketing?  I’m no expert, where do I begin? I think about marketing all the time, but budgets are tight right now. I have Vendor marketing funds, but no time to execute so I lose my funds all the time. I have a dedicated […]

Why Should I Engage with You?

by Amanda Williams February 11, 2013 Business
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Are you a Super Bowl game fan or a Super Bowl commercial fan?  The marketing in me is all about the commercials.  I believe I got hooked about 13 years ago when my marketing professor “assigned” our class to watch the commercials and write an essay on the effectiveness.  Did it engage me, do I […]

Engage Your Audience Through Video

by Amanda Williams September 4, 2012 Business

Did you know that featuring a video on your homepage increases your chances of showing up in a Google search by more than 50%? Video is one of the fastest-growing social trends, and it’s a valuable way to convey your message to your target audience. Finding content, equipment, on-screen talent and funds for the video […]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like The Holidays

by Amanda Williams October 11, 2011 Marketing

Has anyone else noticed that the stores are promoting the Holiday items earlier and earlier each year?  I was in my favorite store in mid-August, shopping for some new scented lotions, when I noticed that the entire back of the store was promoting Halloween.  Halloween!  In August?!  I thought to myself, I guess it’s time […]

Free Marketing: Every VAR’s Dream?

by Amanda Williams March 30, 2011 Business

Free marketing at your fingertips? Yes, it’s possible. We’ve all heard the latest buzz about social media and how it’s going to take businesses to a new level, but where to start and how to take full advantage of it is the question of the day. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… all things that made me cringe […]