Beating the BOM – Introducing the AudioCodes Ordering Wizard

By Alan D. Percy, Senior Director or Marketing, AudioCodes

Ordering Wizard

Crafting a Bill of Materials (BOM) is one of the great challenges of selling technology. Making sure a customer proposal includes the proper base product, accessories, service plans and support can avoid an uncomfortable “oops” or time-wasting revisions and re-submissions.   Let’s face it, the diversity and complexity of the AudioCodes product portfolio can be both a blessing and a curse at times.

To help our partners craft more accurate BOMs, we’ve created the AudioCodes Ordering Wizard – a spreadsheet tool designed to enable someone without an intimate knowledge of AudioCodes product details to confidently and easily create an accurate and detailed Bill of Material & Services for an AudioCodes Media Gateway or SBC based on product independent criteria such as number of FXS lines, PRI Spans, or SIP Sessions.

The Ordering Wizard presents a set of interview questions that allow the user to select what options and features are required, guiding the user through any dependencies, incompatibilities, and limitations that might exist. This process can be repeated to create a collection of multiple devices in a single Bill of Material suitable for including in a Quotation document.

Devices currently supported include the Mediant 800B, Mediant 1000B, Mediant 3000, Mediant 2600, Mediant 4000, Mediant 9000, Mediant Software SBC Server Edition, Mediant Software SBC Virtual Edition, IP Phones (including Lync), the AudioCodes Element Management System (EMS), and the Session Experience Manager (SEM). A suite of Professional Services is also offered, including Planning & Design, Resident Engineer, On-site Installation, Implementation, Support, Advanced Hardware Replacement, Managed Spares Service, and Training.

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