Are you giving your best leads away?

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by Patrick Sheehan

Director of Open Solutions Sales, Mitel

What is the best source of new sales leads?  Is it email campaigns, digital ads, cold calls? Rather, it’s customer referrals — and the greatest source of these is the phone sitting right next to you.

Think about what people do when they need a new product or service; they call their friends for reviews and recommendations.  Surely your customers know that you are their phone service provider and they would readily recommend your service to inquiring friends… or do they?  The fact is, the only people who know you are their service provider are the people who have signed the contract, manage the relationship and pay the bill.  But what happens when the other 95% of your end users get calls from friends looking for new service?  Typically they look down at the phone on their desk and proudly state the name they see at the top of the phone.

Imagine if 100% of your users saw your brand on that phone. Mitel’s new 6800 Series IP Phones will make that a reality. The 6800 Series Phones are made with a replaceable logo plate, enabling you to easily place your company logo on every phone you ship to customers. No more worrying about minimum order quantities, huge inventory levels, or cheap stickers that tarnish your image. Mitel phones allow you to make the most of the real estate facing each end user every work day.

Your company worked hard to create its brand; don’t miss this golden opportunity to guarantee that 100% of your users refer business to you instead of the phone manufacturer.

To learn more, reach out to your ScanSource Sales Rep or call 877-847-7000 to learn more today!

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