A Guide to Help your Business Navigate the UC Space

by Kyle DeWitt on May 2, 2011 · 1 comment

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Has the barrage of marketing around Unified Communications (UC) made you feel lost? Do you know how to identify the opportunity for selling UC components into your customers’ businesses? Maybe you’d like to see the big picture of UC Solutions so you can better focus your selling strategies.

Let ScanSource Communications help you. We have designed a UC Solutions Guide to explain UC and introduce you to the manufacturers playing in that space. The Guide is an interactive, online tool that you can use to identify new selling opportunities. It also explains the importance of Unified Communications and outlines why your company should be investing in it.

The biggest value of the UC Solutions Guide can be found in the individual UC Solutions. By now you are sure to have seen the definition of UC from Marty Parker of UCStrategies.com: “communications integrated to optimize business processes.” Understanding this definition is the core of why these UC Solutions exist. Each area of a company’s UC practice can be found in solution form, including value propositions, benefits to the user, the individual products found within that solution, and a solution “template”. Each template contains highlighted components of a UC solution and links to a series of product-specific documents.

The guide can be found here: http://www.scansourcecommunications.com/ucguide/ Make sure to bookmark it. Let us know if you find this tool useful. Did you find a component of Unified Communications that fits your business model that you haven’t focused on before? Is it easier now to approach your customers about UC?

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Kyle DeWitt is the Director of Technical Services for ScanSource’s NA Communications segment, based in Greenville, SC. He has over 10 years of experience in distribution for converged products and is a regular contributor to The Source on unified communications, and various technology discussions.

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