4 Ways a Cloud Phone System Earns Loyal Customers

by Jessica Duvall on February 14, 2017 · 0 comments

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Loyal customers are said to be worth up to 10 times their first purchase. Yet, delivering exceptional service can be a challenge, especially if you have tight budget constraints.

A cloud phone system can help you to create a highly efficient, yet cost-effective, customer service process. How? Consider these four ways a cloud phone service can raise the bar on customer loyalty.

1. Faster Response Times

One bad experience is all it takes for your customers to switch to a competitor. With the cloud, everyone in your organization has access to the same IP phone system, regardless of where they’re located. This means speedier answers to customer questions. With features such as presence, instant messaging and four-digit dialing, you can swiftly transfer customers to the right subject matter expert, even if that expert is sitting in a hotel lobby, thousands of miles away.

2. Personalized Service

The more call center agents know about a caller and their history with your company, the better they can resolve issues to the customer’s satisfaction. A cloud phone system can integrate with your existing business intelligence software, which enables agents to quickly assess each caller’s unique situation and tailor their response accordingly.

3. More Time with Customers

For companies with two or more locations, phone system support and maintenance can be a challenge, especially if each location operates its own set-up. But a cloud-based VoIP phone system enables employees in all locations to access the same services. Thus, it’s easier and faster to implement, and reduces training needs across the organization. That means everyone can spend less time learning how to use the phone system and more time working directly with customers.

4. Never Miss a Customer’s Call, Ever

The fastest way to lose loyal customers is to let them down when they need you the most. That’s why your business phone system can’t be down for a single moment. Cloud phone services can often be more reliable than traditional phone systems because redundant cloud architectures can provide back up during peak call times or emergencies. Your customers can be confident you’ll answer their calls – each and every time.

Since customers are more likely to favor businesses who are sensitive to their needs, investing in tools and processes that help you consistently exceed their expectations makes smart business sense. With a cloud phone system, companies can build a loyal customer base that rivals even their largest competitors.

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