4 Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back

by Wendy Thacker on December 9, 2010 · 0 comments

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We’ve had a stretch of freezing temps in the 30s lately. (I know I can hear some of you groaning that you’d love that “warm” weather where you live, but to any self-respecting Southerner – it’s just plain cold). I decided that hot bowl of soup and crusty bread was just the lunch I needed to perk up an otherwise dreary day. So I stopped into the local Atlanta Bread Company for lunch. Yes, it costs a little more than other places, but I’m willing to pay for better food quality and service. As usual, they did not disappoint.

Here’s a quick recap of why I continually go back (and pay more) for my lunch. I ordered the creamy tomato soup with croutons (my favorite) to go. They packed the bag with my hot soup, bread, utensils, etc. and sent me on my way. Several minutes later as I was about to get in my car, I heard someone shouting “miss, miss”. Low and behold the employee realized he had forgotten my croutons and had run to catch up and bring them to me. Now that folks is good service. The soup was good but the service was exceptional.

So, do you provide your customers with exceptional service? Are you always one step ahead of what they need? Let’s look at some tips to keep your customers coming back for more.

Wendy’s Tips for Providing Exceptional Service

  • Be nice. Down here in the South we call it Southern Hospitality. It’s amazing how just being nice works so well. It’s hard to be cranky if the person staring back at you is pleasant and smiling. (And, yes we do smile, acknowledge and speak to people everywhere we go whether we know them or not – it’s just the Southern way).
  • Treat your smallest customer like your largest customer. You never want your small customer to know they’re small. Don’t just call them when you need a purchase order. Call them just to chat or to tell them about a new product or service that could help their business. Make sure they hear from you often so when they’re ready to buy, they buy from you.
  • Remember important information about your customer. Use your calendar and contacts program to keep track of important dates and pertinent information. I track birthdays on my calendar and make a point to send a card or give a jingle. I also store “family” information in my contact records so I remember to ask about the kids, the new house, the spouse, etc. People are appreciative when you “remember” to ask about how they are doing.
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Bill Garcia taught me years ago to remember that you never know what’s on the other person’s sheet of paper. Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated with dignity and respect. In the end, being nice does pay off.

What tips do you have for providing good service? Please share with us.

Here are a couple of books that I have enjoyed on the topic. Check them out of your local library if you get the chance.

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